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Richard Parker - CoreTeam

Become a Pioneer...

HantsAstro is run by a CoreTeam of members. It's a totally different way of running a group.  There's no fusty old committee, it's a dynamic and democratic team of volunteers - with each person contributing to an Astronomy Group that breaks real new ground. It's about supporting Astronomy. No group like ours can be run by one person barking orders so we all run together as one unit. It's powered by Fun, yet CoreTeam can deal with serious stuff when it needs to.


You can have your say and vote within CoreTeam, but there is no AGM, no glacial decision-making and most important of all - No Politics and it's clique free. We prefer to use our energies where they are most needed, and that's not spent formulating 16 page Constitutions... We use Common Sense and it works.

There are three values central to our CoreTeam - Learning, Sharing and Inspiring others.

We only have Three Rules for HantsAstro members. It's all you need to know.

CoreTeam members help out at MoonFests and camp out. We support other events too and this is the best bit - CoreTeam members get benefits like free camping and free entry to events that HantsAstro support, like the Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival, and recently the STS-132 Astronaut Crew visit to Portsmouth...

It's because of the support of an active CoreTeam that we have achieved so much since March 2008, with over 240 members, several observing sites, three publications, two Telescope Clinics a year at WSC and a standard setting Public Outreach programme.

HantsAstro's way of doing things as a group has contributed to the formation of several other 'different' astronomy groups in the UK, so the challenge is always to find new ways to bring the joy of Astronomy to more people and do it responsibly.

It's what we do. You help us and we support you. So if you want to be part of something that really makes a difference to Amateur Astronomy, then please get in touch.

To find out further information about joining HantsAstro or if you are just a tiny bit curious, then please phone, e-mail or write...

Going Postal:

11 Drift Road

tel: 023 9261 7092
fax: 023 9257 0283
e-mail: membership@hantsastro.org

Skype: hantsastro

Our creative CoreTeam for 2012 are so far:

Founder - David Woods: david.woods@hantsastro.org
Co-Founder/Group Photographer - Graham Green: grahammgreen@hantsastro.org

Membership Secretary - Sharon Rose: membership@hantsastro.org

Media/Public Outreach- David Woods: media@hantsastro.org
Administration/Strategy - Steve George: steve.george@hantsastro.org

CoreTeam Events (HantsAstro Support) - Richard & William Parker, Karen Williamson,
Geoff Sargent, Dan Leonard, Bob Leggett, Chris Swatton, Mike Wilson, Jo & Woz Neagus.

Away Missions -Sharon Rose/ David Woods

We are alway looking for more CoreTeam members to add even more to HantsAstro. With a membership of over 300 astronomers, many hands make light work, and you'll learn even more about astronomy too...

Publications & Editorial:

Publisher/Sales - David Woods: david.woods@hantsastro.org
Editorial - Sharon Rose: editorial@hantsastro.org

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to subscribe: subscribe@hantsastro.org
to unsubscribe: unsubscribe@hantsastro.org

HantsAstro Registration

More information can be found in Look Up!, where there are more details on our plans and progress. Registration is free (and easy...)To join HantsAstro, just download our simple PDF membership application form, save it to your PC, fill in the form on-screen, save and e-mail it back to membership@hantsastro.org. Or print it off, write and pop it in the post.
The choice is yours.

Why not join HantsAstro today?
The form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or above, download for free.

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