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Meeting @Buster Ancient Farm - Weds 8th April from 7.30pm. Clear Skies. :)


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Observe @ Butser Ancient Farm 20+ times a year - from £18 :)

WSC Weather - Central Hampshire 8 Day Forecast
Please visit site pages for up to date weather - WSC - BAF - BUTSER HILL

HantsAstro ClearSkies Report
- Latest Report 07 February 2015 for BAF

Meeting in the car park as this is proving to be better for dew, and it means you don't have to carry your telescope far. Please observe signs and keep to using sidelights only on entry and exit. Also, if reversing your brake lights are BRIGHT!!! so please reverse turn backwards, facing the observing area.

WEATHER REPORT: 0804.15 15:00HRS CLEAR SKIES FROM SUNSET UNTIL SUN 02.00HRS. TEMP 6ºC , WIND 5-7 MPH Possible Dew, but clear unto circa 11pm. Predicted Mag 20.3 sky. SEEING : GOOD Moon, Jupiter and many Messiers objects on view.

Check the latest satellite image for the UK to see what's happening. Use the infrared option when it's after sunset.

Tips for Happy Observing with HantsAstro.

Dipped headlights please when appoaching observing site (see our signs) by car.

Wrap up warm. Sensible footwear please, unless enthusiatically sauntering about in flip-flops and track-suit bottoms at the point where water freezes is your thing. It's impossible to look stupid in the dark, so foresaking trendy fashion statements for comfy retained body heat is best. Duffle Coats are making a comeback we hear. Be warned though that we also treat any attendees wearing white lab-coats with absolute suspicion. Real Scientists are welcome, of course.

No power on most sites as they are remote, it's just star-light so Red Lights on torches please after 9pm to maintain that primeval dark adaption which takes 20 minutes...

No Smoking on any observing site. Unless you're slightly on fire due to the pernicious flames of Hades which of course would be unfortunate, and in that case we would put you out. Eventually. :)

Astronomers are by and large only too happy to let you see the Wonders of the Universe though their telescopes but please ask first, as it is quite hard to target a star thousands light years away, when we are all rotating at 900mph. Plus the telescope might not actually be pointing at anything that impressive at that time. However, you'll see more of the Universe with us in one night than with anyone else, as we love exploring.

Enjoy your evening with us. There is only one way to find out... ;)


At only £18 per annum it's great value as we use BAF fortnightly and once a month during the summer. Other sites, such as QECP, Coney Acres and Butser Hill, we rotate often as we can so can have up to 3 active sites covering a wide area! Although at the mercy of the weather we do try to meet 2-3 times month, more than most astronomy groups. Please e-mail membership@hantsastro.org for more details.

As always, keep an eye out on our website/facebook pages for up-to-the-minute details.
Join our active facebook group it's free and see what we get up to...


In the meantime why not check out our forum instead and read the observing reports by Laurance Dunn and others - they are highly entertaining! www.hantsastro.net

Did you know that we now have a buy and sell area on our forum - www.hantsastro.net - check it out, the forum is a great place to get help with your astronomy queries.

Plus we are looking to do solar observing this summer from May to August, anyone interested in coming along please get in touch.

Directions to Butser Hill (tower side):
J1 A3(M) Go past the Hampshire Hog Pub , turn left into Petersfield Road, first right in to Hog's Lodge Lane. At Junction of North Lane turn right, and continue up the hill. Enter car park with ticket machine.

Barriers close at 8pm so get there early (but you can leave at any time, one way exit). We are at the top of the entrance to Butser Hill. Just head to the top by the Tower, for spectacular views of the Solent at night...

Directions to QECP (Visitor Centre):
Clearly signposted from North/South on A3 Butser. Follow road into car park. Parking charges apply to 9pm. Observing takes place on the patio area on the south side of the building. Toilets open - Tea/Coffee available at all sites.

Registered members only please to all sites and induction night if you have joined or are looking to join. WSC is free... Parking is by the loading area, so drive up to the Centre, towards the loading bay and park up, and then you'll find us set up in the Western side of the complex, facing the A272 , walk around the side, sing the grass path, to observing area.

Strictly No Lasers @WSC - Controlled Airspace. Now applies to all observing sites.

Tea & Coffee - Donations always welcome. Now also available WSC... alfresco of course...

Wrap up warm. That mean sensible shoes too and something windproof. But if it gets too bad we're off down the pub early! The joy of Astronomy is also real ale and a roaring fire, with stories of the night skies. It's about as 'armchair astronomy' as we'll ever get!

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ClearSkies... What's that?

As CoreTeam members we have to trust our weather forecasts. So if it's clouded over where you are, it won't be where HantsAstro is. It's rarely a wasted trip so keep checking here and our simple traffic light for each active observing site.

This is how it works:

GREEN for Go! Turn up, set up and observe, enjoy, go home...
AMBER means await confirmation by e-mail on the night (if you've signed up of course!) as it's changeable weather.
RED e-mail confirmation for a cosy night in with a hot toddy and a browse though Look Up! our free e-Zine.

We mash up some data and use some local knowledge and now have something that is almost to the hour accurate on the day, and 95% within 5 days of our observing sessions. Not bad? Well, it works for us but we always like to go one better. Check the website day before, we rarely call off observing unless it suddenly turns to full cloud/rain/sleet/snow/gales. We're not Southern Jessies y'know!

Entry to the Observing Sessions at BUTSER by site pass only
- Starts from 7-8pm
Observing Passes are available 15 per annum. Ages 11+ only (must be accompanied by parent or guardian). If you're not a member then sign up now!

Getting there - Post Code PO8 OBG

Metcheck Astronomy for Hampshire
Metcheck 48hr Astro forecast for Butser

Entry to the Observing Sessions at WSC are Free of Charge
- Starts from 8.00pm
Tuesdays/Thursdays fortnightly if clear. Great for learning about the night sky and your telescope.

Strictly No Lasers @WSC - Controlled Airspace.
Ages 11+ only (must be accompanied by parent or guardian). If you're not a member then sign up now for FREE!

Getting there - Post Code SO21 1HZ or SO21 1HX if your SatNav says No.

Metcheck Astronomy for Hampshire
Metcheck 48hr Astro forecast for WSC

For additional weather data check:
Met Office 24hr Infra-red UK Overview

Please register for a SITE Pass, only 15 per Annum and helps pay for the Telescopes and Groups running costs.

See you soon!

More information can be found in Look Up!, where there are more details on our plans and progress. Registration is free (and easy...)To join HantsAstro, just download our simple PDF membership application form, save it to your PC, fill in the form on-screen, save and e-mail it back to membership@hantsastro.org. Or print it off, write and pop it in the post.
The choice is yours.

Why not join HantsAstro today?

The form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or above, download for free.

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