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Some of the best observing and astrophotography is done in the often cold wee hours of the morning. With some of the best equipment available and access to some of the darkest sites in Hampshire,we can offer you a unique experience, that helps you escape the vagaries of light pollution that plagues the south of England. You'll also be mixing with other astronomers with similar goals and aspirations to capture the beauty of the Cosmos.

We now have our own collection of telescopes too, from a 75mm refractor through to a 16" Dobsonian for stunning deep sky vistas. Or use your own equipment; practice makes for the perfect image.

Our really dark sky sites go down to magnitude 20.7 Arc/second (and better!) for the best in southern mainland imaging opportunities.

These are measured and monitored by our own calibrated Unihedron Sky Quality Meter.

Observing sessions are designed to have flexible sliding dates to ensure the best possible viewing of the night sky and you will have to be available at short notice to beat the British weather!

For 2011-12 we are hoping to plan a number of overnight observing sessions in and around Hampshire and Wiltshire, which may in time grow into larger events.

Please let us know if you are interested and we will focus our efforts on making this happen.


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