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There are lots of sources for reviews on the web. Some good, some not so much. The difference with HantsAstro, is that we have a wide rainge of scopes we use, and the added benefit to access of one of the largest UK telescope retailers, with a local showroom in Clanfield: Io Astronomy

Below is just a sample of some of the equipment we use which is not exhaustive, with links to our reviews where applicable.

HantsAstro rolling equipment list 2015:

1. Vixen A70lf - 70mm Refractor
2. William Optics Megrez 72FD Apo Refractor
3. Meade DS 2090 90mm Refractor
4. Celestron Explorascope 100 tabletop Dobsonian

5. Skywatcher SkyMax 102 - Maksutov
6. Skywatcher Explorer 130/900 - 130mm Reflector
7. Skywatcher Explorer 150P -150mm Reflector/EQ3-2
8. Optrons 150/1400 - 150mm Reflector
9. Altair Astro Sabre Mount on Berlebach Tripod
10. Revelation 10 - 250mm Dobsonian
11. Altair Astro 8" f4 Imaging Telescope
12. iOptron Minitower II
13. iOptron CubePro
14. Sky-Watcher 100ED APO Refractor
15. Starwave 70ED f6 APO Refractor

William Optics Megrez 72FD Apo Refractor - Look Up! June 2008

Celestron 80ED Refractor & CG-5 Mount - Look Up! July 2008

William Optics Megrez 90 Apo Refractor - Look Up! August 2008

William Optics (shhhh.... top secret!!!) - Look Up! September 2008

Celestron Explorascope 100 - a plastic mini-Dobsonian - fantastic! - Due on website

Skywatcher SkyMax 102T Maksutov - Look Up! October 2008

Meade LXD75 6'" Newtonian with GoTo Mount - Look Up! September 2008
(hyper-tuning planned later this year... extra story there!)

Meade DSI CCD Camera+ Autostar Suite - Due on web site

eBay- 150mm Newtonian Reflector review - Due on website

Lidl Bresser 10x50 BAK4 binoculars - a steal at under a tenner - Due on website

Revelation 15x70 binoculars - big bins for under 70 & compared to the A70lf

Orion 20x100 GiantView binoculars - better than a small 'scope - in Binoculars Section

Vixen Lanthanum Eyepieces
- Due on website

Best bit is... we own this stuff. So our reviews are real, unpolished and long term; quite unlike anything else that exists on the web. It's also less techy. The stuff we don't own is for comparison, so you can make a better, more informed decision.

Does it work? Is it good value and will it last? are the three most asked questions. But there is one that is a bit rarer, how often will I use it? Long Term reviews will answer that.

Only then will you know if it was worth buying. We should know. We have spent a small fortune so you don't have to. Ownership is sometimes the only way to find and understand the answers.

It's all part of the experience.

More information can be found in Look Up!, where there are more details on our plans and progress. Registration is free (and easy...)To join HantsAstro, just download our simple PDF membership application form, save it to your PC, fill in the form on-screen, save and e-mail it back to membership@hantsastro.org. Or print it off, write and pop it in the post.
The choice is yours.

Why not join HantsAstro today?

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