Are you a Newbie to Astronomy? Hello.

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If you are a Newbie to astronomy or just curious, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you have your own telescope or binoculars it doesn't really matter as long as you just join in! We will be running free, observing sessions for those new to astronomy, and also for those wishing to dust off their old telescopes and get back into one of the most rewarding pastimes around.

Our free observing sessions are based around touring the local night sky and pointing out what you can see with the most basic of equipment. If you're just starting out or not sure if astronomy is really for you then come along to one of our free sessions, starting in Hampshire in September 2008.

We now have our own collection of telescopes too, from a 75mm refractor, 102mm Maksutov, 130mm and 150mm reflectors through to a 16" Dobsonian, so you can experience the different advantages and different sizes and types of telescope that can help you develop your interest. Or use your own, practice makes perfect.

If you are not sure or just finding out about astronomy then this is the best way to get involved.

More information can be found in Look Up!, where there are more details on our plans and progress. Registration is free (and easy...)To join HantsAstro, just download our simple PDF membership application form, save it to your PC, fill in the form on-screen, save and e-mail it back to Or print it off, write and pop it in the post.
The choice is yours.

Why not join HantsAstro today?

The form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or above, download for free.

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