Green Policy


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Green Policy

Being the UK's first online astronomy group has several natural advantages over a traditional astronomy group. Firstly, we do not own a clubhouse or operate a site ourselves.

All of our communications are electronically based. So therefore no paper is used. It also reduces cost to the group.

Our Electronic magazine is also distributed via e-mail and our website, so therefore no postage charges, no postman, and no postal van!

We encourage the use of 'buddies'. This ensures that no one is left alone, and it reduces car journeys along with carbon emissions.

We actively encourage people to travel in pairs to observing sessions. This not only cuts down the environmental impact, but also reduces the cost of astronomy to all those involved and in the case of certain sites reduces the noise pollution too. CoreTeam travel together as much as possible.

No rubbish or waste is left on site. We tread lightly.

We use rechargeable batteries onsite were possible. LED lights are also used where required as they offer a long lifespan.

We encourage maintenance of all astronomy equipment to ensure longevity and therefore the reduction in renewal.

All products sold via our online store are also considered for their environmental impact and eco-friendliness. Where possible, we minimise the amount of packaging used in their distribution from ourselves.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve our green policy and how we could do more to help the environment then please let us know. Also if you have any questions then please do the same!


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